Latex Fetish Fantasy

Favorite Latex Fetish Videos

Watching videos with some of the best latex fetish models is always something I like to do whenever I have extra spare time. In this post, I have handpicked some of my favorite latex fetish clips that are available to watch whenever I want to, without any membership, registration, or payment requirements.

All videos have been filmed in a different setting than you usually would see, so I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Wearing a red latex catsuit on the beach

The first video that I would like to recommend you all to watch is the beautiful Bianca Beauchamp wearing a full red catsuit while walking on the beach. This sexy, long-legged redhead is definitely a beautiful sight for anyone who has a thing for girls in shiny latex. I can only imagine how I would react if I had been on the beach that day this video was shot, and Bianca had turned up, rolling in the waterfront, wearing this tight red latex dress.

This 42-year-old fetish model also has her own website that you should visit to see more from her. You can purchase a VIP membership at her site, getting access to more videos, or photo galleries. You can also look through some of the great content that she has made available for free.

City walk in a black latex catsuit

The next video that I would like to share with you in this blog post is this gorgeous Asian woman wearing a full black latex catsuit while taking a walk in the park. In addition to the latex catsuit, she has a pair of knee-high boots as well, that I must admit looks just incredible on her long, latex-draped legs.

This video is made by the team behind, which produces movies and photos of confident girls in sexy outfits and shoes, boots. Make sure you visit them for more videos, serving the latex fetish and just women with long, sexy legs and often wearing thigh, beautiful clothes.

Wearing latex outfit in Berlin

The final latex fetish video that I would like to recommend features the top german latex fetish model, Susan Wayland. This gorgeous 38-year-old model is known from numerous men’s magazines, has had roles in commercial advertising, and even played in an award-winning music video, Wrong Love by Smatka Molot.

However, her modeling career has a strong link to anything latex related, and this video confirms this. You will see the beautiful Susan walk from Brandenburger Tor and on the streets in Berlin, wearing a black, shiny latex catsuit and high heels. And I can tell you this does not go unnoticed. Just look at how all the people she passes by turn their heads and look at this startling latex fetish beauty, walking confidently along Berlin’s streets.

If you want to see more of Susan Wayland in her latex fetish gear, you should visit her homepage. You will find lots of free photo sets and video trailers that don’t require a paid membership. But if you’re really into latex, you should consider a full access membership with her website!

Other latex fetishes sites

So, there you have my selection of a few latex fetish videos that I hope you will enjoy as much as I did. They are all free to watch, and if you would like to see more from the women who are starring in these clips, you can visit the sites that I have linked to after each video. I can assure you that these are all high-quality sites with lots of great content!

I also hope that you would share this post on any social media. I would appreciate it a lot if you do so!

If you’re looking for more latex related sites, I would also like to mention the dating site This is a niche dating site, catering latex and fetish lovers, making it easy to make new friends and potential partners for some kinky latex dates. Perhaps you can find someone who will take part in your latex video that you would like to shoot?

Bondage Fetish Fantasy

Bondage Partner Niche Dating Site

The ideal way to find a partner for having sex that includes preferences a bit outside of the ordinary might not be that easy to discover. Especially if you have a thing for bondage, and like being either tied up as the sub (submissive) or get the feeling of complete control over your sexual partner as the dom (dominant). To hook up with a casual partner on a night on the town might be a solution, but you probably want to know if he or she is willing to play along with your bondage fantasies. And someone who seemed a perfect catch for the evening can suddenly turn their back on you if you ask them to join you in sexual activities as your sub or dom. 

Finding your partner online is another possibility, but it is all about finding that partner who is willing to share your fantasies within bondage. Having bondage listed as a sexual preference might not always be a good thing on many dating sites, and also something that you may not include in your description under the “about me” section.

That is why it could be an excellent recommendation to use a niche dating service when you’re looking to find a partner who sees the exchange of power as something exiting. Someone that loves giving full control over themselves to their partner. Or perhaps being the one who is in control of everything when having sex is the absolute best experience one can have in bed.

Casual Bondage Sex

The dating site has established itself as one of the leading dating services for men and women looking for casual bondage sex encounters. With a fully responsive design, which makes it easy to use the website on any device from computers to tablets and smartphones, will give you access to all its features as a dating portal wherever you may be.

Lastes members with Bondage Partner dating site

As you can see from the above screenshot, you will be presented with a clear and informative view from the members’ area, focusing on the latest members that the matchmaking system believes to be a match for who you’re looking for as a bondage partner. Just make sure that you create a good profile with all the information needed to give you better matches from the membership database.

Some of the features available to members of are: 

  • An advanced search and profile matchmaking algorithms. These make sure that members who are within your preferences are presented to you first.
  • View photo and video galleries that other members upload. See their video introduction, use zoom functions and other cool features, to see their sometimes quite erotic and intimate private photos including bondage wear and tied up bondage sessions.
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  • Get notified when someone is visiting your profile, and also if they leave a message in your inbox. You will also be notified when your favorite matches do changes to their profile, like uploading new images or adding a new video to their profile.
See who has visited your profile in Bondage Partner

Checking out who has been visiting your profile is always exciting, and make sure to give them a visit in return. Take a look through the photo and video gallery, and check out their profile details. If they look attractive, you can send them a message using the internal messaging system. Doing so makes it possible to communicate without disclosing any personal contact details like a phone number or e-mail address before you feel it is the right time to do so.

Se profile details of other members of Bondage Partner

I hope you will find that Bondage Partner is the right place to find someone to share your kink. Remember that bondage requires a common understanding with your partner regarding limits, what is allowed, and when to stop. Agree on certain safe words, discuss any restrictions or no-go practices, and you can have the best bondage session imaginable with your newfound partner from this niche dating community.